Cycle #4 Week 2 Day 1.

I started the session with some front squats that I missed due to time from last Saturday. Then I moved into the core of what this cycle focuses on–blocks. Today, like last Monday, was from the mid-thigh (about 18″ of blocks). The high-blocks are still pretty scary as I tend to have a slight pause between the second and third pull. So by the time I start my third pull the bar is already coming down. If I think about a smooth transition I tend to work it out OK.

  1. 3r2s of Front Squat @ 78kg
  2. 3r2s of Front Squat @ 90kg
  3. 3rs of Front Squat @ 96kg
  4. 3r of Front Squat @ 102kg
  5. 2(1+1)r5s of Block Snatch Pull + Snatch (mid-thigh) @ 49kg
  6. 2(1+1)r5s of Block Clean Pull + Clean (mid-thigh) @ 71kg
  7. 3+1r2s of Clean deadlift to knee + clean pull @ 77kg
  8. 3+1r2s of Clean deadlift to knee + clean pull @ 82kg

And because I cannot seem to ever catch-up I have some pause back squats that are carrying over to tomorrow’s session.


Cycle #4 Week 1 Day 6.

Today was a breakthrough day for me. I did not increase any PR. However, I was able to hit 70kg (current PR) on snatch for the third heavy single training day. I gave 72kg a go a few times and was close. I am not keeping the bar as close to my body as I need to. The bar is making more a loop than it should. I lose it a lot behind me. It is a good thing I am on a block and pull cycle.

My regular readers know that I have been struggling with the jerk for countless weeks now. I have not really pushed my cleans past 80kg since my last 102kg PR. Now that I have more confidence in my power jerks, I worked up to clean and jerk attempts at 90kg and 92kg. The cleans felt really solid even after all the snatches and training this week. Moreover, I was still able to drive the bar high enough to shoot for some jerks at 90kg+. I walked 92kg out twice but suffered from slight press-outs.

I am starting to push the boundaries that have plagued me for some time now. Maybe next heavy single Saturday I will be able to report a 72kg (+2kg) snatch and 90kg (+12kg) clean and jerk.

  1. Heavy Single of Snatch; 70kg
  2. heavy Single of Clean and Jerk; 80kg


Cycle #4 Week 1 Day 5.

I couldn’t take a rest day with stuff from yesterday still left to do. However, today was on the lighter side. And even still I chose to be a tad conservative and cancel the pin back squats from yesterday as my legs are hurting after those 185# and 200# sets of five pause back squats.

  1. 3r4s of Hang Power Snatch @ 80#
  2. 3r4s of Muscle Snatch @ 55#


Never forget.

Cycle #4 Week 1 Day 4.

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to go home and lay (or lye or lie or l’eye) down. I was dragging pretty hard. I had to pickup the pause back squats from yesterday that I missed due to time. Sets of five were killer. That made the rest of day… interesting. Regardless, the PP+J complexes felt solid. Overhead strength (and jerks) are my weakest areas. I’ll take some hard work on those.

  1. 5r2s of Pause Back Squats @ 185#
  2. 5r4s of Pause Back Squats @ 205#
  3. 3+1r2s of Push Press + Jerk (Power) @ 90#
  4. 3+1r2s of Push Press + Jerk (Power) @ 105#
  5. 3+1r2s of Push Press + Jerk (Power) @ 115#

Tomorrow is a rest day as programmed. But I will be in the gym doing hang power snatches, muscle snatches, and some pin back squats that I had leave off today.

“You will bomb out”

I have been a fan of Norik Vardanian for some time now. I knew he had some great videos on his YouTube channel. But I had never taken the time to go through them all. Seeing this video today was really inspiring to me and I felt I should pass it on.