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I put a hold on my first attempt at cycle 3. It is A LOT to complete my daily programming AND work on fundamentals, too. I know I need to get stronger by doing a cycle like that. But I first need to feel comfortable (confident, rather) with the basics. I will restart that cycle again in September after my first USAW competition to give it a fair chance.

Today I tried to worked solely on my jerk. Tomorrow will be the same. I experimented with grip width. At 65# and 85# (00:53s into the video) a near-snatch grip felt so much better. The lockout was faster. And it felt more stable overall. At 105# it was a little harder to absorb the impact. I can see that I am still struggling getting my head through.

It is depressing that I my clean is probably nearing 100kg/220# by now. But my jerk (three white lights) is about 50% of that…


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Cycle #3 Week 4 Day 5.

Because I will be out of town on Saturday I opted to get some work in on my rest day (Friday). And I needed to makeup some squats after missing Monday and Wednesday this week. Also, I missed yesterday‘s push presses since I started fooling around with power jerks. And after not fairing well on the power jerks I worked on some split jerks until I had to leave the gym.

I still don’t feel comfortable with the jerk at all: Split, Push, or Power.

  1. Heavy Single of Squat; 275#
  2. 3r3s of Squat @ 195#
  3. 5r4s of Push Press @ 125#
  4. Heavy Single of Split Jerk


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Cycle #3 Week 4 Day 4.

My programmed 2r5s of Jerk BTN turned into me wanting to try power jerks. And I used the rest of my gym time experimenting with them. My mobility/technique for split jerks already is sub-par. Obviously the power jerks didn’t go to well at all. The bar fell forward. I didn’t get my head through.

  1. Heavy Single of Squat; 255#
  2. Heavy Single of Power Jerk; 155#

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