Cycle #5 Week 3 Day 1 (Front)

I will take a PR after last week. That was rough. On a different note I recently found Alan Thrall’s YouTube channel after searching for more squat information. This one video on prison complexes inspired me to do more dynamic movements with the dumbbells. I think long term these more metcon style exercises will supplement my overall fitness level.

  1. Heavy Single of Front Squat; 275lbs PR
  2. 2r3s of Front Squat @ 235lbs (85.5%)
  3. 5r4s of Dumbbell Squat Clean + Push Press @ (25lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs)
  4. 3r3s of Wide-Grip Pull-Up


Cycle #5 Week 2 Day 5 (Back)

My strength is starting to approach the PR mark again. Lots of rest and good food over the weekend in preparation for another four weeks of daily squats.

  1. Heavy Single of Back Squat; 295lbs
  2. 2r3s of Back Squat @ 265lbs (89.8%)
  3. Heavy Single of Smith Machine Bench Press; 180lbs
  4. 2r3s of Smith Machine Bench Press @ 140lbs (77.7%)
  5. 2r5s of Wide-Grip Pull-Up