Cycle #5 Week 2 Day 5 (Back)

My strength is starting to approach the PR mark again. Lots of rest and good food over the weekend in preparation for another four weeks of daily squats.

  1. Heavy Single of Back Squat; 295lbs
  2. 2r3s of Back Squat @ 265lbs (89.8%)
  3. Heavy Single of Smith Machine Bench Press; 180lbs
  4. 2r3s of Smith Machine Bench Press @ 140lbs (77.7%)
  5. 2r5s of Wide-Grip Pull-Up


Cycle #5 Week 2 Day 4 (Front)

I missed the last rep of my last set of my front squat back-offs. I’ll let it slide. I was beat today.

  1. Heavy Single of Front Squat; 265lbs
  2. 2r2s of Front Squat @ 240lbs (90.5%)
  3. 1r of Front Squat @ 240lbs (90.5%)
  4. 5r4s of Strict Press @ 95lbs
  5. 5r of Deadlift @ 135lbs
  6. 5r of Deadlift @ 210lbs
  7. 5r2s of Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press @ 35lbs
  8. 5r2s of Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press @ 40lbs


Cycle #5 Week 2 Day 3 (Back)

My overhead strength has suffered quite a bit. I am 31 pounds under my all-time Push Press PR. And I was even doing the behind-the-neck version. I need to bring these back more often.

  1. Heavy Single of Push Press (BTN); 140lbs
  2. Heavy Single of Back Squat; 285lbs
  3. 2r3s of Back Squat @ 230lbs (80.7%)
  4. 3r6s of Dips


Cycle #5 Week 2 Day 1 (Back)

I think I hit my plateau today. I was able to squeeze out 305lbs (+5) on the back squat. However, I didn’t feel strong at all. If I hit 300lbs or even 305lbs again on Wednesday I will be surprised. And the sets of doubles were harder than ever today. I barely barely had enough in me for a double at 275lbs. I failed on the second rep of the second set. So I repeated the second set entirely with 265lbs. Then the third set I dropped to 255lbs and barely completed the second rep. Monday! Yay!

Today marked another milestone… the smith machine. I hate them. But I love the safety aspect for bench without bothering others for a spot. I only counted the weight on the bar–not the bar itself. I realize that this does not translate to a max bench.

  1. Heavy Single of Back Squat; 305lbs PR
  2. Back Squat
    • 2r2s @ 275lbs (90.1%)
    • 1r @ 275lbs (90.1%)
    • 2r1s @ 265lbs (86.8%)
    • 2r1s @ 255lbs (83.6%)
  3. Smith Machine Bench Press
    • 5r @ 90lbs
    • 5r @ 1400lbs
    • 2r @ 160lbs
    • 1r @ 170lbs
    • 1r @ 180lbs
    • 1r @ 190lbs PR
  4. 3r10s of Dips