I sucked it up and did some front squats after about two weeks of only doing back squats. Shame on me.

If you follow my blog you know the jerk has been a struggle of mine for some time now. I cannot get the bar into the correct position fast enough with my arms locked out. And I push the bar forward A LOT!

With those facts aside I wanted to see if I could handle more weight overhead (in the correct position) in the event I do start to work the kinks out. Enter jerk lockout recoveries. Hat tip barbell shrugged.


Not a bad day. I did a fair amount of scapular mobility work during the day before the gym in effort to not push my jerks in front of me as bad. Before trying for a heavier jerk I did the old faithful heavy single back squat. Even for not doing them as regularly as I would have liked over the past two weeks I still was able to shoot for the 300# PR. I missed. But not by much.

The jerks (BTN today) felt better. I did some BTN Push Press and Jerk complexes while working up to a heavy single jerk BTN. I did not seem to push the bar forward as much. And I kept it a little lighter on those today instead of pushing to failure. Tomorrow will probably involve two hours of stretching, mobility and heavy single jerks from the blocks to conserve energy while working out this issue.

With only twelve days until the competition and next week being a taper week I need to use the next five days get comfortable with another 10 kg (hopefully) on the jerk AND work the clean and jerk complex instead of just the latter lift.

  1. Heavy Single of Back Squat; 285#
  2. Heavy Single of Jerk BTN; 175#


Jerk. From. The. Blocks.

Another day of solely trying to fix/improve whatever is limiting my jerk. Today I tried power and split jerk (with the BTN variation) for a heavy single. I could always count on making 155#. It was hit or miss at 165#. But 175# and up was always pushed forward. With posture aside and grip-width aside if I stand up straight and pull my shoulders back they still point forward. I see a LOT of mobility work in my near future.

I would be interested in some jerk lockout recovery to see how much weight I can handle if I could get the bar in the appropriate position.


Today was one of those rare days where I had the gym to myself and no major time constraint. I ended up doing the traditional heavy singles on snatch, clean and jerk. I was able to hit my current 1RM snatch @ 155# twice. I was close at 160# several times.

It has been a while since I did back-to-back snatch to clean and jerks. My cleans definitely felt a little harder being fatigued after the 45 minutes of snatching. If I am to stay off cycle I need to dedicate Saturdays to snatch, clean and jerk so that the complex doesn’t affect me negatively during competitions.

Nothing new on the jerk. It still severely limits my total.

  1. Heavy Single of Snatch; 155#
  2. Heavy Single of Clean and Jerk; 165#


Seventeen days until my first official USAW competition. It will be the first of many. If I tell myself that it tends to calm my nerves. Even if my total is low, and it will be relative to other 85kg lifters, it is only a baseline for me to improve on. And when I reach 94kg or even 105kg it will set me back even more.

My snatch numbers are slowly coming back up (70kg) since I ditched the straps. My best-case clean is 100kg. However, my jerk is still limiting me at 80kg. And the jerk is hit or miss due to my lockout inconsistency.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to find a magic solution to jerk more weight. I know I can hold more overhead. Unfortunately, hitting the jerk blocks every so often trying to reach a 80kg+ single is NOT working for me.

Today I ate my pride and started with just the bar doing triples. With such low weight I was really able to focus on putting a vertical (and slightly behind the head) drive on the bar. I kept it simple with power jerks instead of split jerks as to have less of my body in motion. Not only did it work out well, it was so much more comfortable and consistent than anything I have done in the past.

When the weight started to add up it took a bit more focus and deliberateness for a successful lift. However, I was amazed at how well it worked out for me overall. I will definitely take triples at 70kg. With a little bit of time, maybe not before my competition, I can push my jerk closer to my clean and increase my total by 10-20kg.

  1. 3r of Power Jerk @ 45#
  2. 3r of Power Jerk @ 65#
  3. 3r of Power Jerk @ 85#
  4. 3r of Power Jerk @ 95#
  5. 3r of Power Jerk @ 105#
  6. 3r of Power Jerk @ 115#
  7. 3r of Power Jerk @ 125#
  8. 3r of Power Jerk @ 135#
  9. 3r of Power Jerk @ 145#
  10. 3r of Power Jerk @ 155#