Cycle #6 Week 3 Workout 2/3 (Workout A)

After missing the gym on Wednesday my plan changed to Thursday and Saturday. And after missing on Thursday my plan changed to skipping Workout B this week and doing Workout A on Friday as originally scheduled. And that’s what happened.

I believe today was the first day in my short training history to where I felt like my leg was verging on being hurt. The eccentric portion of the squat was fine. I was able to work up to doubles at 225#, 30# less than my working set. But even at that weight on the first rep, the concentric portion of the squat, although completed, made my left quad feel sharp. I did a few sets of doubles at 225# and it did not get any better. So squats will have to wait until Monday where I will try 255# at 5×5 again.

On the bright side for today I did much better on bench than I was expecting. Not only did I get 155# @ 5×5 I felt like I could’ve done more.

  1. 5r5s of Bench Press @ 155#
  2. 5r5s of Barbell Row @ 135#


Cycle #6 Week 3 Workout 1/3 (Workout A)

I hit my first failed set today on squats of 5×5 @ 255# on the 25th rep. I feel good about repeating this weight again on Wednesday instead of moving up. Squats have been progressively harder each workout. This was bound to happen at some point.

The bench press is nearing failure as well. I may not get through 5×5 @ 155# on Friday.

With regard to the barbell row… well.. it is what it is. I jumped up from 95# (last week?) to avoid swapping out 25# and 45# plates so my co-worker and I could share what equipment we had in the gym in a timely manner. Rowing 135# is definitely as much as I can handle right now. Although the reps might count, the form, isolation, and control of the weight is not where I think it should be. Instead of dropping back down 10-20# like I should I am just going to repeat 135# until I feel good about the 25 reps.

  1. 5r5s (failed last rep of last set) of Back Squat @ 255#
  2. 5r5s of Bench Press @ 150# (close to failure)
  3. 5r5s of Barbell Row @ 135# (meh…)


Cycle #6 Week 2 Workout 1/3 (Workout B)

Deadlifts have historically have not played heavily in my programming. Now that I am doing it as core lift of Stronglifts 5×5 I need to shift more focus to it; especially if I plan to go down the powerlifting route. I have long preferred the closer width stance–much like a clean. However, with my longer legs I need all the help I can get getting to the bar with having my hips really deep or my back rounded. I will try a wider stance on Friday and see how it goes.

  1. 5r5s of Back Squat @ 240#
  2. 5r5s of Overhead Press @ 80#
  3. 5r of Deadlift @ 255#